First of all...My name is Supawadee Lathorn nickname's Nui. I come from Bangkok,Thailand.

Ohh my God!
I am here in Norway!!. I can't belief it. Norway its the country in my dream as I want to travel sine when I was young.

....because abount my self I was born in Ching Rai north parth of Thailand. There is have alot of mountain and not much people also the wether is very nice. then oneday I had wached the discovery about Norway my God!! VERY NICE I like the shape of mountain with the SNOW, not much people(Think so) So this is a reason for why? Now my DREAM ITS COME TRUE.

Now I am a student at Hald Internasjonale Senter is in Mandal. and my work place at Karmøy, Starvanger.

I will go everywhere I can go!!

Thank you God.
Thank you Family.
Thank you Friend.

I am ENJOY here waw! waw! waw!