First of all...My name is Supawadee Lathorn nickname's Nui. I come from Bangkok,Thailand.

Ohh my God!
I am here in Norway!!. I can't belief it. Norway its the country in my dream as I want to travel sine when I was young.

....because abount my self I was born in Ching Rai north parth of Thailand. There is have alot of mountain and not much people also the wether is very nice. then oneday I had wached the discovery about Norway my God!! VERY NICE I like the shape of mountain with the SNOW, not much people(Think so) So this is a reason for why? Now my DREAM ITS COME TRUE.

Now I am a student at Hald Internasjonale Senter is in Mandal. and my work place at Karmøy, Starvanger.

I will go everywhere I can go!!

Thank you God.
Thank you Family.
Thank you Friend.

I am ENJOY here waw! waw! waw!


  1. yes,say it one more time.as well,we have to thank God because he have choose us to come and represented our organisation it so nice to be here in hald and the reality is that we the hald internasjonale senter students.im gonna live in arendal and i wish is will be nice for us.please,can you stop write thai every were.

  2. It was really great to get to know you a bit this weekend. I hope we'll get to know each other better this year, you seems like a fantastic girl and I'm looking forward to have you in our church! :-)